Ross’s Keto Friendly Dinner Recipe


The dish I am going to share with you all is a personal favorite of mine. It contains a variety of cheeses, vegetables, and seasonings. There are two ways to make this recipe. One way is with a pressure cooker, and the other is with a pan and oven. Regardless of which method you choose, these are the ingredients you will need:

  1. 4 cups of Broccoli (This sounds like a lot, and it truly is, you can cut this down by half and still have an amazing dish.)
  2. 4 cups of Cauliflower (This sounds like a lot, and it truly is, you can cut this down by half and still have an amazing dish.)
  3. Feta Cheese and sharp cheddar. (Any cheese is fine, but these really compliment the dish.)
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Chicken
  6. Olives (Honestly, this is optional, unless you add a lot of them, you will not taste them in the dish.)
  7. Avocado (1/2 or whole depending on how many calories you want in the dish.)
  8. Teriyaki Seasoning
  9. Himalayan Sea Salt (Any salt will do)
  10. Pepper

H0w to make in a pressure cooker:

  1. Place broccoli and cauliflower in the container.
  2. Dice up the chicken, tomatoes, and optional olives; then, place in the container along with veggies.
  3. Place teriyaki seasoning and salt in the container.
  4. Place in the pressure cooker. I do not know if all pressure cookers are the same, but I put it on the highest setting and once it reaches that pressure, I let it go for 3 minutes.
  5. Take out your container and place it in a strainer to get rid of excess liquid.
  6. Move your dish to a pan and then add cheese blend. Place in microwave or oven until cheese melts.
  7. Apply avocado spread and pepper.

How to make in a pan:

  1. Place broccoli and cauliflower in the pan.
  2. Add some water and allow to steam.
  3. During this time, dice up your tomatoes, chicken, and olives.
  4. By the time you are done cutting everything, allow the vegetables to steam for a minute or 2 more.
  5. Add diced ingredients into the pan with vegetables.
  6. Add Teriyaki seasoning and salt.
  7. Mix for a few minutes and also allow it to sit.
  8. Once it looks like the vegetables and the other ingredients look cooked, place in a strainer to allow excess liquid to drain.
  9. Place ingredients in a pan and place cheeses on top of vegetables and place in oven or microwave until cheese melts.
  10. Apply avocado and add pepper.

I hope you all enjoy this dish! It is low carb and truly tastes delicious.