The Devastation Caused By Hurricanes Iota and Eta


Last fall, people and places in Central America were hit with not one but two devastating hurricanes. Many families and countries have experienced significant hardship and loss due to the hurricanes.

On Thursday, January the 21st, the Spanish teachers of Newman and ACTIONS set up a discussion on the hurricanes Iota and Eta.


In this discussion, the Spanish teachers presented the devastation, damage, and trauma caused by the two hurricanes towards the people and the countries. Much needed conversations about this topic arose and this was a great way for people to hear about these events from a trusted source of information.
In places like Honduras, people’s houses have been destroyed along with many of their personal belongings. Many people are now in desperate need of supplies because they simply have none since their stuff was destroyed and their governments are not taking the right protocols in restoring their towns.

In the discussion, the people participating watched a zoom where a family that lives in Honduras spoke about the hurricane and the results. As they described the tragic events that took place, many participants felt for them and learned from a firsthand experience. The family in the Zoom explained that they lived by a river that flooded the whole town. At the time, they didn’t know that the flooding was starting and they didn’t have time to prepare or escape. They tried to rescue as many things and their animals but it was very hard because they had to focus on saving themselves primarily.

After the storm, their whole town was destroyed. Most of the people’s homes and businesses were ruined. Countries like Honduras were already not the wealthiest and definitely not prepared to handle the results of the storms. Many places and countries have tried to donate to these countries to help out but most of the time there is corruption and unfortunately the government takes most of the money given and sells the rest to the people.

Many people are in need of supplies and aid. The best way to help out these people is to connect with someone that has relatives or friends in Central America. They can send any items you wish to donate to the people they know and the towns. This is the best way to help because this way you know that the people will actually receive the items. Personally, my housekeeper has family in Honduras so this past weekend my whole family went through our closets and stuff to donate what’s needed to her family and town. Be on the lookout if any donation drives that may take place at Newman and try to find someone with connections. This is a very important crisis happening that is overlooked by the current news today. Many people are so focused on Covid-19 and the Presidential Election in the US that they forget the people in Central America devastated from the storms.

Thank you to Señora Sanchez, Gray, and Davis for hosting this great event and learning experience. If you have the urge to donate clothing or items feel free to reach out to me @[email protected].