Predictions for the most popular Halloween Costumes 2021



Nearly everyone has either seen or heard of “Squid Game.” It is currently the most popular show all over the world, and considering the costumes could be easily homemade or bought, it would be no surprise to see plenty of people dressed up as the players or the guards from “Squid Game.”



Although “Money Heist” has been around for a little bit, similarly to “Squid Game,” the costumes are so recognizable and easy that we can expect to see plenty of people dressed up as characters from the show.


3. The “Berries and Cream” Little Lad

Anyone who has been on TikTok in the past couple of months definitely knows who the Little Lad is. This iconic and hilarious meme is sure to be seen at many doors trick or treating. 


4. Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look was definitely different… Not only different but also fairly easy to replicate. Go to party city grab a black morph suit and a cape and you are Kim Kardashian!


5. Black Widow

Marvel fans definitely got lucky this Halloween with a perfect new costume. Of course, we already knew Black Widow from previous Marvel films, but now that she has her own movie, it will definitely be easier to find a Black Widow costume.