The Bollinger Arts Building Radiates Creativity


The start of the school year introduced a new addition to the Newman community: the Bollinger Arts building! Despite the construction delays, the new arts building was fully functional just after the start of the school year. The spacious building includes a choral room, band room, and several individual rehearsal spaces, all engineered to be soundproof with zig-zagged ceiling tiles and perforated wall panels. The arts building provides a view of Jefferson avenue and the immediate neighborhood context, while also reflecting natural sunlight into the hallways, which exhibit student-painted and professional art pieces. The tall ceiling throughout the building adds a musical dimension to the recording and rehearsal spaces, which brightens the experience of the students. As one wanders through the hallways, the faint sounds of creativity are heard. In the choral rehearsal space, the choral conductor, Mr. Anthony Sears, is the focus of the room, with the risers for the students surrounding him in a semicircle. The same layout is present in the band rehearsal room, which also includes a storage room with hidden areas for music and lockers for instruments. Overall, the new arts building allows Newman students to share their creativity in an open and multifunctional space, seamlessly integrated into the school campus.