Newman Arts Week…? I Haven’t Heard that Name in Years

Canceled by COVID-19 twice, it’s back and better than ever.


Newman Arts Week is a week dedicated to appreciating ALL of the arts and artists on campus: musical, comedic, visual, theatrical, jazz, band, dance, literary, you name it! Arts week 2022 will be April 4th-8th. Everyday we will have themes and we want school wide participation! Themes include (but are subject to change) dressing up like your favorite artist/musician/celebrity, favorite art style, iconic movie, music genre, and of course green and white day! Do not feel pressured to memorize the themes right now, we will also announce them at assembly. Have we mentioned our mascot… Arti the art croc? Fun guy. We are so excited to be back, and we hope you’re as excited as us. Support the Newman arts!


Sign up to perform here!