Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (to see this movie)



I thought this may be a good movie, but I wasn’t entirely positive. It seemed sort of interesting in its trailers, and supposedly the Jack Reacher books were good, so I was willing to give it a shot.

My thoughts afterward:

If you’ve ever seen a movie with Tom Cruise as the spy/investigator who is hardened by his job, then you’ve basically seen the most recent Jack Reacher movie.

Summary:  (The plot is confusing and hard to pinpoint but I’ll do my best to summarize without spoilers.)

Jack, an ex-major, has been spending his years floating around the US, occasionally popping in to help when people are in danger. An Army major, who Jack has become close with, is accused of treason as two soldiers she sent off to a foreign country have been killed under suspicious conditions. He doesn’t believe that she would ever attempt to endanger or kill two of her own soldiers, so he decides to look into the situation a little more closely. As a result, he ends up having to bust the major out of jail and breaks a few laws along the way, so he is now also wanted by the government. Also, (SURPRISE!) Jack may have a daughter who is fifteen, who the person/people who killed the soldiers love to abduct to use against Jack. He then must find and pick up the girl and handle not only the situation at hand, but also his possible teenage daughter. Later, she shows that she is just as hardened, intelligent, and witty as Jack, and ends up finding a way into his heart.

In Jack’s spare time (when he isn’t running away from the government or dealing with his daughter and the major) he gets into many fights with the people that are associated with the government conspiracy. And the major hangs out with his daughter and teaches her one self-defense move in case someone decides to hold her at gunpoint (hint hint).

Later, in the final fight scene between the killer and Jack, his daughter is held at gunpoint (what a surprise). Luckily, the one move the major taught her is the move she uses to get away and Jack tackles the attacker off a building down about 20 feet or so. BUT the action isn’t over yet! Because like in every Tom Cruise movie, they are able to get up and, without too much trouble other than being slightly dazed, continue to fight until the end.

The aftermath:

Personally, I think this movie was pretty predictable and had some plot holes, but others may like it more – especially if you’re a Tom Cruise fan.