Newman Arts Instagram shares student work through social media


Last November, The Newman Arts Committee created the first Newman arts Instagram account. Run by senior Daphne Moses, the head of the Arts Committee, the account features works by student artists in all mediums.

Their first post featured several of Sara Bahat’s watercolor eye studies, and since then the account has featured such works as Ram Ayyala’s digitally created Spiderman piece, as well as Rebecca French and Emma Lopez’s singing and playing the guitar.

More recently, Avni Shridhar’s colorful painting and Evan Hendricks’s James Bond sketch have made an appearance on the Newman arts feed. Daphne explains that she hope to utilize the account “to promote arts events and encourage students to display art outside of the Lemle hallway.”


Additionally, the account is another way for students to be notified of upcoming art-related events both on campus and in New Orleans. Last Thursday, the account promoted the Winter Pioneer Reading in the Ryan Reynolds Gallery.

The Newman Arts Instagram offers students an alternative method of displaying their pieces, and accepts any and all forms of art, from painting to sculpture to performance work.

If you have anything that you’d like to share, send it to Daphne Moses (@daphne_moses) or use #newmanarts and she will post it on the Newman Arts Instagram (@newman_arts). Also, don’t forget to follow their page to view the latest student work as well as get updates for upcoming Arts events!