The New Assembly Schedule

Improved, or are we just very confused?

The New Assembly Schedule

This fall, the upper school assembly schedule was dramatically changed. Assemblies went from being scheduled by days of the week to being scheduled by days within the upper school’s eight-day rotating schedule. This change has led to lots of confusion and strong emotions throughout the student body.

The first issue this change presented was that many students were simply not aware of it. Seemingly, the only people who the administration alerted of the rescheduling were the peer-leaders and the freshmen class. Many people admitted that they were not aware of the changes until several weeks into the new school year.

As the year progresses and the initial confusion clears, overall annoyance with the assembly schedule is still apparent. Despite the change, most students still believe that there are too many assemblies, although the majority of students appreciate the extra time they are now able to spend with their advisories.

Some people do feel that the announcements assemblies are less useful now that they fall on A days instead of on Mondays. Having assemblies on Mondays was an effective way to recap the weekend’s sporting events and announce any upcoming events. Now that the assemblies fall on A days, some people, especially team captains, feel that making important announcements has become more difficult. Through a poll conducted in conjunction with this article, many students expressed a strong animosity towards assemblies in general, and were simply glad that we have fewer this year.

Overall, the new assembly schedule has been met with confusion and annoyance, but many students appreciate the extra time the new schedule lets them spend with their advisory.