The Beauty of Photography


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I couldn’t agree more. I find photography a very compelling means of expressing my creativity because photographs provide humans a means of communication which transcends language. Photographs have a unique ability to stir up emotions in a way which text on a page cannot. Photography creates a great deal of excitement and inquiry, as one glance at a photograph begins to reveal the message or story which lies between the colors. Upon further inspection and reflection, one begins to uncover more information. Sometimes the whole story does not become clear on the first viewing, but subsequent examinations reveal the whole story of the photograph. In truly great photographs, new stories are unveiled with every glance and with those new stories, new emotions too. The ability of photography to stir up emotions is why I started a photography page on Instagram. Through my page, @majesticnola, I am able to tell hundreds of stories through the images I share with my followers. Whether it be a man walking home from a long night at work with his trumpet secured under his arm and a package in his hands, or a boy tapping his feet on the streets of the French Quarter, trying to earn a few dollars for his family. In many ways pictures are worth many thousands of words because the stories they tell are only limited by our imagination.