Blast From the Past

You’re sitting back against your hard, plastic chair, enjoying the sweet sound of calculus filling your ears, when suddenly “squeak, squeak, squeakkkkkkkk”… a shrilling rubbery sound interrupts your derivatives. This sound can be accredited to none other than, you guessed it, CROCS. The decade old fad, that you thought died with your pet rocks, Heelys, and MySpace accounts, is back, thanks to Tabor Brewster who deems himself, “the leader of this new crocs comeback.” This new-old fad spirals far below the senior class, down to freshman Jackson Shelby who shares that, “crocs are fun—they’re a fun way to start the day.” However, “only cool people wear them—with a k.” Crocs are more than just their rubbery material; they’re supplemented ten-fold  with “the spidget thingies (crocs charms) that go in the hole thingies.” Croc charms range from fruit, to letters, to Lightning McQueen, and all are great for decorating the thick rubber clog shaped shoe.

Not everyone has such an optimistic outlook on crocs as Tabor and Jackson though. Margot Roussel states that, “when it’s hot outside rubber heats up. Rubber is bad for the environment. It’s not recyclable. It takes a lot of oil to make rubber… right? Anybody know?” Claire Moffett informed us that, “Today it takes about seven gallons of oil to make a standard tire.” Margot then announced that, “They don’t make sense because they’re not water shoes, right, they won’t stay on your foot when you’re underwater. Also they make this ******* squeaky noise when you walk around, the sound of wet rubber and your foot…” that Hailey Dondis and Margot highly dislike. Brooke Nguyen responded that she “likes that sound.” Although it seems that crocs have a lot of haters, they’re able to incite controversy and inspire civil discourse.” They will not be disappearing soon. Tabor left us with his commentary, “They’re so comfortable that I wear them all the time, even when I sleep.”