Girls Soccer Playoff Bracket

This week, the playoff bracket came out for the girls soccer team.  We finished with 8th in the rankings. First round we have a bye week, meaning we will not play our first playoff game until regionals. Second round we play the winner of St. Charles (9) and Thomas Jefferson (24).  This quarterfinal game will be played February the 6th at home, so it would be great if there was a ton of fan support.  If that game is won, we will most likely travel to Shreveport to play the semifinal game against Loyola Prep (1).  Loyola Prep is a very good team, having come close to beating Mount Caramel and Dominican, so our team will need to bring our a-game.  This will most likely be the hardest game of the playoffs.  It is too far away to know who we could face in the final round, if we make it, but the team will have to take playoffs one game at a time.  There is a long road to the final round, where we will have to play some really tough teams.  In years past it has been a much easier road to the final round, whereas this year is very different.  We are not ranked as high so we got the harder side of the bracket. Every team is out for us, since we have won state the past 3 years in a row, so we have a huge target on our back.  If we work as a team and play to our full potentially, we have a real shot of getting to the final round