What is NewMed?


With many new clubs this year, you may be wondering what NewMed is and their plans for 2019-2020 school year. The new club was founded for students interested in the vast field of medicine, healthcare, biology, science, and research. Periodically speakers like doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals will come to lecture about their specialty, career, education, and more. Today, many high school students are interested in potentially studying medicine but are perhaps uninformed of the details about the education process or simply wish to hear first-hand about the profession and current medical discoveries, practices, and even the future of the occupation. In NewMed, students will be offered the opportunity to be exposed to this community and ask questions about the journey from the pre-medical undergraduate track to the interesting daily cases of the modern doctor. Students will have the chance to hear from and talk with currently practicing Newman parents, alumni, and potentially this year’s distinguished alumnus! NewMed will be meeting every other Thursday at 1:00.