Newman Arts Gets Big Donation: Arts Building on the way?

Monday the 27 was just a casual day for most Newman students. However, things were a little different for Newman’s faculty. After school, teachers were asked to meet in the Auditorium for a secret announcement. This announcement was far from the usual announcements, however, as the band and the choir was asked to perform for the teachers and a secret visitor. First, the band performs. Then, the big announcement is made: A wonderful family is going to donate three million dollars in order to build a brand new arts center! A non-disclosed source has mentioned that the building is estimated to cost five million dollars to make; this is a mere third of what new science costed! After this grand announcement, the choir performed. Now, I may be a little biased, as I was part of the choir, but we REALLY stole the show. We sang To Sir, With Love, and closed the announcement with a bang. The crowd cheered, and we concluded the announcement with our alma mater. Ultimately, big things are coming for Newman Arts, thanks to the philanthropy of Newman families.