Food Chronicles: Why People Prove That We Should Not Be Allowed To Bring Food Into The Commons

I am going to be honest, I was extremely upset when Mrs. McCormick announced that food was not going to be allowed in the commons. I for one always brought food AND PICKED UP MY TRASH AFTER I WAS DONE EATING. I was angry, I was upset, I felt a whirl of emotions that I could not express other than in the form of defiance. I would secretly sneak food in and make sure I left no traces behind. I knew it was disrespectful, but sometimes it is too cold to eat outside or I am too lazy to move from the comfy sofa chair to eat elsewhere. I thought others would at least show some respect and not leave any traces of food if they were to defy the new rule, but people are sicker than I thought. On multiple occasions, I have seen students eating in the commons and leaving their plates and other food items in the commons. Now, I refuse to name names, but you guys know who you are. For me, if I am going to break a rule, I am going to do it in secret and make sure I do not leave any trace. Some people are clearly going to be terrible criminals when they are older, as they leave a full crime scene with all the evidence on the common tables. The people who leave food every day prove why we should not leave food in the commons, as they do not pick up their mess and continue the cycle the next day after the cleaning crew generously cleans up their mess the night before. The part that I find even more aggravating is that their actions come from a place of laziness and disrespect. There are over 4 trashcans in the commons, yet people do not have the decency to put their trash in any of them. I think the moral of my rant is that people should be less disrespectful and clean up their trash. It may be too late, but if we change our ways we could maybe be allowed to begin eating in the commons again. However, the future does not look bright. As I scan the commons, trash is littered throughout the commons, and the tiny beam of hope I have gets darker with every wrapper that is still left on the tables.