A Hunt for the Ages

Two Fridays ago, members of the Upper School Choir met up at Anna November’s house for a night of chaos and fun to be remembered for years to come. Organized this year by Rebecca French, choir president, and Anna November, choir vice president, the scavenger hunt is an annual occasion held in the fall to bring the choristers together in order to make new friendships and strengthen bonds between members.

Choristers were sorted into groups of 5-7 by the choir leaders. The groups were kept in the highest of secrecy prior to 3:00 on the day of the event. Each group had a driver, and the driver was responsible for getting the group to places all around New Orleans to complete the items on the scavenger hunt list. The list’s contents included items such as: “find and play a musical instrument,” “do push-ups in public,” “propose to a stranger,” “bring the choir leaders a crepe,” “ride a streetcar and yell ‘STELLA!’” and “find and bring back an exotic fruit.” All tasks were given point values, the exact values of which were unknown by everyone but the brilliant choir leaders. Points were to be dealt out when video or photographic evidence of the tasks being completed was presented to the choir leaders.

The deadline was set. The choristers would have to be back at the Novembers’ house in 2 hours or otherwise face a penalty. Lists were handed out, and they were off!

The scavenger hunt had choristers sprinting, riding streetcars, driving all over the city, and doing things they never would have done before. It was an experience never to be forgotten by any of the choir members. Everyone had unique experiences shared by people they might not have interacted with, as the wonderful leaders put together motley crews from all sections of the choir, united in a desire to have fun and to win.

Ultimately, the two teams led by Mariam and Ram tied for the win, but what really matters is that everyone enjoyed themselves on an excitable night that will go down in choir history.