The Daily – 12/2/16

The Daily - 12/2/16

NOTE: December 2nd is National Fritter Day – In honor of national fritter day, The Navigator is promoting Bear Awareness* by including fun bear facts in lieu  of the regularly scheduled daily components.

*The Navigator is in no way associated or affiliated with the National Society for the Promotion of Bears and Bear Awareness (NSftPBaBA) and acknowledges that New Orleans is outside of the area of the US affected by bears (“bear area”, or “bearea”).


Bear Facts:

Koala bears are not true bears, merely posers.

An adult grizzly bear eats about 20,000 calories a day. That’s about 20,000  times the daily calorie intake of someone who only consumes 1 calorie per day!

Russian astronauts carry guns with them into space in case they encounter bears after landing off-course (unfortunately, the guns are ineffective against most species of space bears).

While the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, dismembering the animal for the sole purpose of keeping its arms as part of a militia is generally considered “gruesome,” “inhumane,” “uncalled for,” and “a gross misunderstanding of the language used in the Bill of Rights.”