Boys’ Soccer Preseason Begins!


This past week, October 30th through November 3rd, the boys’ soccer team held tryouts to kick off the 2017-2018 season.  These tryouts are to determine which players will play at the Junior Varsity level and which players will have the opportunity to carry on the championship tradition as a member of the Varsity team. Over the course of the week, individuals were assessed both on their skill and athleticism. In order to showcase their talents, the team participated in a multitude of tests.  Upon arriving at the fly, the players were challenged to run 12 laps around the field in under 15 minutes.  Fortunately, all players were able to complete this.  After a brief break, the tired athletes were broken into three smaller teams which competed in multiple scrimmages.  The next two days of tryouts followed the same structure as the first: a combination of play and rigorous conditioning.  On the fourth day, however, the practice consisted entirely of running.  First, the team jogged the length of the railroad, which rains parallel to the Fly, and back.  Then, their speed was put to the test in a series of sprints.  The next and final day of tryouts, on the contrary, consisted entirely of one lengthy scrimmage where the players were divided into two large teams.  The winning team had two goals while the losing one had none, but all players played well for the most part.  The team was dismissed early from practice in order to rest after a rough week of physical exertion. The decision of which players are on which team has not been made yet, but the results will be posted outside the football locker room by lunch on Monday. This week was similar to the first week of past years, even though Matt Jacques, the previous varsity coach, retired to spend more time with his family.  The new coach, Tooraj Badie, believes that Newman will defend their state title this year in the championship. The Junior Varsity team will be coached by Newman’s former middle school coach. Overall, the first week was exhausting yet productive, and the players proved they will still strong contenders in their division. Practices will resume next week, but players will be divided into the Varsity and the Junior Varsity teams.