A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

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If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born, you have probably at least heard people raving about it or singing “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. Many people have heard her music before, but never seen her natural looks or truly recognized the extent of her talent. Watching the movie leaves you signing at the top of your lungs and filled with a great appreciation for Lady Gaga.

Though many envied Gaga’s voice after their first watch of A Star is Born, even more people loved it the second time. Celia Romano said, “I absolutely loved it the first time, but after the second, the emotional impact of the movie is much greater than before for some reason.” If you have only seen it once, watching it again will only make it better. The highly anticipated film was released on iTunes January 15th, and the soundtrack is now available on Spotify and other music apps. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s inspiring collaboration was outstanding, especially for those who know a truly amazing voice when they hear one.