Jarmone Sutherland: Breaking Records On His Way to a State Championship

A few weeks ago, Jarmone Sutherland accomplished one of the biggest feats in his Newman football career: breaking the school’s record for receptions and yards in touchdowns. These achievements Jarmone earned place his name as the record holder for every major receiving category at Newman. After the football team’s game against Cohen, Jarmone’s performance in the game contributed to defeating the past record, claiming the new one to be 182 catches for 2,963 yards and 45 receiving touchdowns. Head Coach Nelson Stewart honored Jarmone with a special game ball and also noted: “With the lineage of our receivers that have been through the program, that’s a pretty incredible accomplishment for Jarmone to earn.” Going off of that, Jarmone added: “It’s a great honor be put in a category with people like Jeffery Hampton, Odell Beckham, and Cooper Manning because although I think they’re great football players, I think they are also great role models.” Jarmone believes that this achievement serves as “a reminder that you’re trying to do whatever it takes to help your team win, and whatever comes with it is like a cherry on top. Our main goal is to win as many games as possible and that state championship.” Congrats Jarmone!