How to Kill Time on a Saturday Night in Quarantine


As we adjust to the new lifestyle of doing practically everything from home, things can get boring fast. Last Saturday, I had been trying to decide what I was going to do all day and was struggling to come up with anything. As I sat at the kitchen counter eating lunch, my mom had about four Ina Garden cooking books out. I flipped through and noticed some delicious recipes. I kept looking through them and eventually I had written down a four-course meal plan, including dessert, just for fun. I’d shown my mom my ideas and she thought it would be fun for me to cook everything for dinner. So, my dad and I went to Rouse’s to get all of the ingredients. This grocery trip took about an

hour and a half, but it was completely worth it to get everything I needed. I had decided that my menu would consist of: Tomato crostini with whipped feta, penne alla Vecchia bettola, green beans gremolata, and iced mocha chocolate icebox cake for dessert. Once we got home from the grocery, at about 4, I began immediately. Dinner was ready at about 8 or so and I had been cooking up until the very last minute. Each dish was relatively simple for someone who does not cook much. This was the perfect activity for someone who needed to kill time because I was moving and juggling different things for about a solid four hours. It was completely worth it too, especially given the satisfaction of getting to sit down and eat all together.