Newman Girls Varsity Game

Derick E. Hingle

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Last Thursday the Newman girls varsity volleyball team played a great game against Lafayette Christian. Sadly, they lost in the fourth set leaving Lafayette to continue the playoffs in the Pontchartrain Center. In the first set, the score was 16-25. In the second set the Newman team put on their game faces, and this led to a win for Newman in the second set. In the third set, the score was 25-23. In the fourth set, the score was 21-25. This was an extremely close game. Zaria Nelson had 17 kills and 19 digs, Morgan LeBourgeois had 20 digs, and Charlotte Wirth had 7 kills. Unfortunately, this was the last game for one of the team’s favorite players, Heyward Parrino. At the end of the game, the coaches expressed how proud they were of every player. Before the team dispersed they hugged their captain Heyward and thanked her for her time and commitment to the team. It will be a bitter-sweet moment to see such a beloved player go, but the team will do great things next year. Good job Newman varsity girls on a winning record and solid season!