Watch the “Train to Nowhere” Student Plays!


This year, Newman has decided to put on a covid-safe theatre performance. These six, short-film, original productions encapture Newman’s exclusive art program and show the student’s incredible acting skills. “Train to Nowhere” is a student-written play featuring pieces set from the 1920s to the future.

Starting in 1928, Liam French and Anna Brickman write a story about a thrilling stakeout with a witty character and his sidekick. In 1944, two girls named Lizzie and Margie during wartime. It is written and fantastically performed by Anita Gorman and Hillary Wynn.

Fast forward to 1966, a great fashion era, where an aspiring music artist and a high-end manager meet at the train station. Rebecca Fuller, Catalina Graindorge Alday, and Liam French do a marvelous job writing and acting in this theatrical piece. The next performance is by John Blake, Aubrey Whitaker, and James Guill about broke musicians who try to make a living.

In 1986, Hudson Mazzanti and Sofia Gershanik play Tim and Harper, siblings in the radical 80s. Finally, a piece set in the future, with dangerous toxins and high heat waves, Aleka and Venus, played by Noa Nasoff and Olivia Charis, are late for their train to school. The two students talk about their different lifestyles, from bags to dead parents.

These plays are amazing and beautifully written. The actors and actresses also did a great job performing safely during a pandemic. You’ll have to watch the performances to find out more about the “Train to Nowhere”.