Netflix’s New Top TV Show: Wednesday

Watching Wednesday

A question that concerns many before watching Wednesday is, “Do you need to know about the Addams family in order to understand the show?” The answer is no. I knew nothing before watching this entertaining character Wednesday in a show that is full of comedy, suspense, and drama. Wednesday finds herself as an outcast without a place in any community before she is introduced to a new school, Nevermore. She hates the fact that she is following in her mother’s footsteps, but she slowly gains friendships beginning with her colorful roommate. Sooner or later, Wednesday finds herself growing comfortable surrounded by other outcasts in a supernatural world with werewolves, sirens, and monsters. However, nothing is without mystery, and this teen detective is determined to uncover every secret, and every episode leaves you wishing for more.


The Public Opinion

Wednesday’s Influence on Social Media 

Have you been on TikTok lately? Well, the gothic and self-choreographed “Wednesday dance” is continuing to make a huge impression in the social media world. From Wednesday’s frilly black dress to the music by The Cramps, Wednesday’s dance went viral much to Jenna Ortega’s surprise. The jerking motions add to Wednesday’s gloomy character and leave us smiling at her first display of adjusting to her new community.  

The audience never would have known that Wednesday’s dance was self-choreographed, but Ortega mentions on the Tonight Show, “I have no experience in that field (dance).” According to Jenna Ortega, she did not sleep for two days, stressing and researching in order to have something to show for the day Episode 4 was shot.  


Captivating the Audience 

Wednesday possesses a unique personality that is not typically depicted in a main character, and this is what attracts the viewer. Jenna Ortega does an amazing job of portraying Wednesday, and as we follow her through all 8 episodes, the audience enjoys watching Wednesday gradually begin to open herself up while still maintaining her gloomy traits.