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Claire Rufin

Claire Rufin, Writer

Claire Rufin enjoys screaming into the void, dancing like a white dad, traveling the world, and laughing in many different forms. Some say her most common laugh is like a hamster on ADD medication,  while others think it's similar to unleashing the Kraken. Claire Rufin is in her senior year of high school at the prestigious Isidore Newman College Preparatory  School in which she has shared many cringe-worthy moments with since first grade.  Claire Rufin's favorite color is periwinkle, until she realizes no one knows what the color is or looks like so she says lavender instead. Claire Rufin has a German Shepard named Big Sam, who is quite frankly the love of her life, and can play hide and seek. She is a Leo, and that speaks for itself. Claire Rufin has been a valued member of the New Orelans community since birth. Claire's favorite animal is a panther because although she loved Baloo in The Jungle Book,  she has always felt that Bagheera had a certain je ne sais quaois.  "If you're gonna live, live a LIFE."- Claire Rufin.


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