Faculty Showcase


This year the arts committee has a daring new goal: to have student and faculty showcases during each art gallery opening throughout the year. Head of the arts committee Harry said, “The goal of the showcase is to include more student performances throughout the year and give those who want to preform the opportunity to do so.”
This year the first featured exhibit is artwork from faculty members from Green Trees to Upper school. There are many different mediums featured such as paintings, but also woodworking. A few of the upper school teachers featured were Mr. Uskali, Mr. Pellerito, and Mr. Causey. I would suggest wandering down to the Art Gallery during lunch or a free period to go look.
I attended the first showcase, but was only able to stay for the first act where Mrs. Newcomer and Mr. Gussman sang and played the guitar. They gave the entire Upper School a short teaser during the assembly, but they performed many other songs such as “Shallow” and “Hallelujah.” The cast of Noises Off went to support Mrs. Newcomer and enjoyed the appetizers and drinks.
If you are interested in preforming at one of these student showcases please sign up! You can sing, dance, or read poetry! This is a perfect time to showcase your talent and artistic abilities.