The Intense Candy Corn Debate

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when hearing the word Halloween, for me, it’s candy of course. Everyone, I hope, has candy memories from Halloween, either fighting to get the most candy in your bag ,or eating candy until you’re sick.

During Halloween, specific candies are popular, especially the iconic candy corn. Everyone has an opinion on candy corn. Being a candy excerpt and all (if you count eating tons of it as an expert), I’ve noticed that people really like or absolutely despise candy corn. Even the other day, someone told me that candy corn was the only sweet they refused to eat.

I decided to do some research on this phenomena and discover what the whole deal about candy corn is about. To my surprise, there is actual scientific research on the mixed opinions on candy corn. Guys, I’m not crazy about this whole candy corn thing.

Candy corn is made of honey with a mix of vanilla and marshmallow, creating its very sweet taste that causes some people to dislike it. The texture of this candy is like wax that crumbles into your mouth. According to food flavor specialist Marie Wright, when one likes candy corn, they don’t really like the taste but the nostalgia and emotions it causes. Candy corn is a representation of fall and the special holiday Halloween. When people eat it, they are reminded of all their fall memories. It’s like Santa Clause, it’s a once a year event, making it even more exciting. Wright claims the reason candy corn evokes so many emotions is that, “The area of the brain where we process smell (which has a major impact on how we process taste) … is in the same part of the brain where we store memories and evoke emotion.” So to summarize, people like the feelings that come with eating candy corn and not the actual taste.

After discovering this, everything about candy corn makes so much more sense. I asked a bunch of people their thoughts on candy corn last week at school and it was split pretty much 50/50. Most of the people that said yes claim that they can’t eat too much of it without feeling gross. Like them, I’m personally a candy corn lover, but I can only eat like four pieces max.

Anyways, next times you see some candy corn, try some and pick your side: pro or no candy corn. As well, there is some news that there is thanksgiving candy corn now out. I will have to try some and we will see if it has the same reactions as the regular candy corn.