Who is the Health and Wellness Coordinator?

Who is the Health and Wellness Coordinator?

You may have noticed a new person residing in the small office on Lemle 2nd floor next to the freshmen locker room. Her name is Cynthia Sleight and she occupies the new position of “Health and Wellness Coordinator.” What is this position? Who is Ms. Sleight?

Ms. Sleight attended Barnard College in New York City where she received a Bachelor of Arts in theater. She then earned a Master of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. She has lots of previous experience as she has worked in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Ms. Sleight, with the help of her past experience, is working with the faculty, alumni, and students to create new health and wellness programs and improve the existing ones. This process is not a quick or simple one, and to ensure these programs are created in a thoughtful way, “this year will be mostly about gathering information about Newman,” says Ms. Sleight. This information will consist of things like student surveys and focus groups and research on adolescent development. It will be used to craft programs to help students leave Newman with preparedness to face challenges that the world presents them.

Her position differs from that of a guidance counselor in that it does not only encompass mental health, but also physical and social health of the community.

Although she has not had a lot of time to put together a distinct feeling, her first impression of Newman is that, “there are a lot of people of all levels who love the school and the community.” She is looking forward to meeting students, faculty, and alumni and listening to their experiences.

Ms. Sleight encourages students to visit her in her office if they have questions, want to hang-out, or want to de-stress.