Maici’s Magical Mac & Cheese-y Delight!

Love Mac and Cheese?  Love Sandwiches? Love cooking? Well, this recipe includes all of these interests, making it perfect for someone a person who does! And, because of the lack of real seasons in New Orleans, (If you needed more confirmation, it’s still near 90 degrees in the final days of September) you can get away with creating such a summery dish!

You will need:

2 Teaspoons of Butter

2 Slices of Sandwich Bread

4 Slices of Cheddar Cheese

1 serving of Macaroni and Cheese



Before you start preparing the sandwich, you should start by making your helping of Macaroni and Cheese. (Side note: I prefer using elbow macaroni pasta to make the mac and cheese, traditionally made however) After the macaroni has been made, start by spreading one of the two teaspoons of butter onto one of the bread slices. After you have done this, lay both slices covered in butter (side with butter down, non-buttered side up) side-by-side, in order to apply the macaroni and cheese on each slice. Next, stack both of the slices onto each other (macaroni touching), then you place the sandwich into a small skillet, alternating between sides until brown or desirable. Lastly, enjoy!