The Freshmen Student Government

This year the Freshmen Class made history! At Newman, there has never been two Co-Presidents, and the class of 2025 made it happen. Are you ready to meet your Freshmen Class Student Council?

Maslen L’Esperance
A student new to Newman that has already risen to the ranks of Co-President. He hopes to “bring back ice cream and do all that he can to make this year great.”

Nicholas White
Nick has also been one to make history as the first ever Co-President been at Newman since 8th grade. His goal as Co-President is to “earn more post-exam celebrations for the classes.”

Aria Jolly
Aria has been at Newman since Pre-Kindergarten. Her main goal for this year is “to be a nice Vice-President for this grade, and make things for the freshmen a little easier.”

Lucyna Wojcik
Lucyna came to Newman in second grade. She feels as though she can “help the freshmen class by being able to organize and set things up, as well as hopefully make everyone’s days a little better as secretary.”

Maya Harris
I am new to Newman this year. My goal for this year is to protect the Freshmen’s finances and do all that I can to get the greatest bang for our buck.
Student Activities
Tay Young
Tay joined Newman in 8th grade. Her main goal is to get the freshmen class of 2025 involved and excited for life at Newman. As a student activities representative, Tay hopes she is able to plan and execute fun activities for us this year.

Sydney Gallagher
Sydney joined the Newman community in 6th grade. Throughout her time on the Student Activities Committee, she hopes to provide for her grade and represent the freshmen class for the remainder of this year.

Honor Committee
Ava Azzano
Ava has attended Newman since Pre-K. She wishes to uphold the honor of our class, and make sure that we are held to the highest Newman standards.

Qwendolyn Gray
Qwendolyn has been at Newman since Pre-K, as well. She joined the Honor Committee, because she thought “it would be a really good experience, and she has the ability to be confidential.”
Pep Representatives
Isabelle Wanek
Isabelle has been at Newman since Pre-K. Her goals are to “help make our grade more spirited and encourage us to support Newman in the best way possible.”

Eliza Pilant
Eliza has been a part of the Newman community since she was in Green Trees. Her goals for the Honor Committee are “to make sure the freshman class is supportive of one another at any school (or sports) events and to ensure that the freshman class has lots of team spirit.”